"Your Students, My Students, Our Students" (Summer, 2024)

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15 hours

Lisa Weier

28 Mar 2024

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Your Students, My Students, Our Students explores the hard truths of current special education practice and outlines five essential disruptions to the status quo. Authors Lee Ann Jung, Nancy Frey, Douglas Fisher, and Julie Kroener show you how to

- Establish a school culture that champions equity and inclusion.
- Rethink the long-standing structure of least restrictive environment and the resulting service delivery.
- Leverage the strengths of all educators to provide appropriate support and challenge.
- Collaborate on the delivery of instruction and intervention.
- Honor the aspirations of each student and plan accordingly.


To realize authentic and equitable inclusion, we must relentlessly and collectively pursue change. This book—written not for "special educators" or "general educators" but for all educators—addresses the challenges, maps out the solutions, and provides tools and inspiration for the work ahead. Real-life examples of empowerment and success illustrate just what's possible when educators commit to the belief that every student belongs to all of us and all students deserve learning experiences that will equip them to live full and rewarding lives.


BOOK: “Your Students, My Students, Our Students: Rethinking Equitable and Inclusive Classrooms” by LeeAnn Jung, Nancy Frey, Douglas Fisher, Julie Kroener

ISBN:  1416628096 or 978-1416628095          


After this book study, participants will:

  • Read and discuss what educators can do to rethink equity and inclusion in our classrooms and schools.  

  • Analyze the ideas presented in the book through group discussion and self-reflection.  

  • Reflect on how the ideas presented can be implemented to impact personal success and student learning.

"Your Students My Students Our Students" by Lee Ann Jung, Nancy Frey, Douglas Fisher, Julie Kroener
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