"Emotional Storm" Book Study (Summer, 2024)

4 modules


Course Length
15 hours

Karline Clark

28 Mar 2024

$0 - 50



Are you a teacher who struggles with emotional storms in your classroom? Do you wonder how this impacts your students' learning and wellbeing? And what about the impact these storms have on you?

In today's world, many children struggle to manage their emotions at school, which can negatively affect the learning of others.

But what if you could reduce stress and disruption in the classroom and instead support a calm and connected learning environment?

Emotional Storms will increase your knowledge of the various causes of dysregulation. In this easy-to-follow guide, you'll learn simple, time-efficient prevention strategies you can use in your classroom every day. You will also gain ideas on how to turn the tide if a storm is imminent and minimize the impact of those that do occur.

Your role in supporting and educating children is vital and inherently stressful, so this must-read book also provides crucial information on self-care and wellbeing.

Teachers aim to change the world by educating young minds, and children learn best when they are 'safe and social'. Armed with the powerful information in this text, you can connect the two and benefit students today as well as the generations who follow.

BOOK: “The Emotional Storm: Preventing Dysregulation in the Classroom” by Anne Maree Tadey  

ISBN:  978-1922982728   

This course is worth either 15 CECH (continuing education contact hours) OR 1 graduate credit from Augustana University ($50).         



After this book study, participants will be able to:

  • Interpret student body language to anticipate potential dysregulation 

  • Compare and contrast various de-escalation strategies

  • Use the polyvagal theory to differentiate where a student is on the autonomic ladder

  • Create a whole-group plan to teach self-regulation strategies

*"Emotional Storms: Preventing Emotional Dysregulation in the Classroom" by Anne Maree Taney*
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